Monday, August 06, 2007


the end of one phase
another begins with the waning of the moon
all that remains
are beams of memories
reflections that waver in the water
are they there
or not
were they ever

or but a dream
a dream that is reality only in a frame of space and time
one place becomes real
another but a reflection that is or was

a precious memory that fades with the days
photographs that spark a thought
but never the same this newly formed reflection

from one to another
one web to the next
one comfort to another
one world two lives

who and what remains
where the ships are marked only by
the ripples in the water
or is there an anchor?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bath and Stonehenge!

So Charlene came to visit me and we took a day trip to Bath and Stonehenge..
Bath was really cute...nice quaint buidings and lots of history.
Stonehenge..well its a buncha rocks but to quote Char, it was a buncha famous rocks. haha

Stonehenge!!! with tons of tourists

Drinking Pimms in the smallest pub in Bath

At the Roman Baths
Charlene and a bridge thats suppose to mirror the one in Florence

Trip to Edinburgh, Loch Ness, Lake District

After exams.. i couldnt sit still. As usual. So I went to edinburgh (pronounced Edinborough for the non british pple), drove up to Loch Ness (no i didnt see Nessie, and yes I DID DRIVE no there was no accident), and cycled around the Lake District! Pics on the way...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

In Marrakech

Belated post!!!!
At a Palace in Marrakech......Sera, Jamie and I!
Trying some Moroccan sweets we bought
Ass shots!!!!!!! so many in the city.... all pulling heavy stuff and all so dirty n smelly and mistreated..poor thing
A Mosque at day time. Non muslims not allowed inside..beautiful architechture
The Square. Djemma El Naah (or something) just as the sunsets.. its a live and bustling. Food stalls, snake charmers, people selling ostrich eggs, Drink sellers, etc ect its ALIVE!
Breakfast in our Inn. Their version of "prata", with fig jam, butter...
Orange juice!!! Cheap and good at 3Dirhm!
Our gracious innkeeper ppuring us mint tea. With tons of sugar.
Making friends with the guy who sells dried fruit! Yummm (the fruit not him) BTW, someone offered us 2000 camels for this girl....
Spices galore....
Ade the dancer :P

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Thinking too much before exams.And of all the wrong things too

So I was in the gym today.
And I realised. That some people probably enjoying exercising in the gym more than excersing outdoors.
I for one, generally prefer to swim in a pool, than in the ocean. I guess a lake is ok. And of course I do not like snorkelling in a pool. Nothing to see right? :)

And then I thought.

Man created the gym and the pool because he didnt always have access to the great outdoors.
Not everyone lives near a body of water.
Not everyone lives in a country where the weather is always suitable to being outdoors.
We created the gym and the pool to replace what we could not have. Like creating an artificial environment for animals in a zoo.

Bu the irony is. Some of us now actually prefer this artificial environment. Much like how animals who have been in captivity for a long time can't survive in the wild.


Thinking too much? Call it exam delirium

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trip to the SAHARA

More Pics? ok! haha

Desert Morning
We saw a nomad with his goats ( are those goats? haha)..... they lead a very simple life. No internet, no TV...
Our shadosws cast on the sand dunes
Our sleeping tent!!
The CAMELS! No I cant smell them..

Day 2 and 3 of our time in Marrakesh (Morocco) was spend in the Sahara Desert.
Because I am too lazy to type out long stories...

Riding on the camel...I'm number 3 in the line... can you see the shadows? Its not comfortable I guarantee you. My camel apparently pooped quite a bit.. and I saw Jamie's camel pee! Camels also have amazing eye lids...
I also am not very good at balancing... check out my attempt to take a photo while the camel is moving
Beautiful Sunset...Look at the sky!!! I'm now number 4 in line cos Adeline's camel is ermz.. something wrong with it I think.. and the guy untied it and brough it in front. Did I tell you mine started to gallop halfway cos it was frightened by a truck going past?
We wake up in the morning at 5am. See our shadowns in the Sand Dunes! Brings back my Geography Days
Thats the tent where they make our food (bread with fig jam for breakfast.. and as always.. mint tea with tons of sugar)
Sunrise in the Sahara.. We slept in this tent...of carpets.. it gets cold at night but not too bad still

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I just had an exam on Thurs and I have 2 more early June.

But thats not the point.

I will be in Marrakesh (Morocco) from mon- thurs out of which 2 days will be in the Sahara. woohoo. -gulp- why am i doing this? i'm afriad of the heat u know? and the dry air. but i guess its a part of facing a little fear hahahahahaaa.. and the vast vast vast hills of sand. okok lame. but i am afriad of the vast unknown, like most people are. i think?

and then sat- mon will be amsterdam where i stay in a boat/ bed and breakfast. yes. boat. its called the anna maria. google it if u want. pics will be up soon....

ok. 3am wake up call tomorrow to catch a 715am flight..ah the woes of a poor student who flies budget. thomson fly airways in luton airport! here i come!!!!!
(i bet all the non londoners have never heard of either... thats how ulu it is!)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Biritish Names- oh my!

The British have fantastic names for everything don't they. Especially food related stuff I realise.... This one caught my eye in a super market. And cos it was on discount...hahaha

Can someone tell me whats so spotted and "dick" about it?